Grace Loves Lace, the makers of the most popular wedding dress of all time, have released a brand new dress, and it’s quite something!

The designers have created a dress which is both stylish and sexy, including a “sheer décolletage that highlights the bust and shoulders.”

Their Instagram states that, “so much time, passion and care does into each design, and each dress is then handmade in our Australian studio and delivered worldwide.”

It may not be the most traditional choice, but you can’t deny it’s a showstopper!

ALEXANDRA is one of those gowns that just screams of sophistication. We designed it to have perfect balance – something we really focus on during the design stage. Fully lined aside from the sheer décolletage that highlights the bust and shoulders, the fitted silhouette is a series of play-off's: the centre front split is the perfect way to balance the high neck, and the open back is elongated by the train. The 3D floral French lace with a pearlescent sheen and hand applied lace motifs on every edge give it a textured, opulent finish. So much time, passion and care goes into each design, and each dress is then handmade in our Australian studio and delivered worldwide | stylist@graceloveslace.com.au #graceloveslace #theuniquebride

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If you don’t already know about the most popular dress of all time, then take a look below… 

Is this it?


Nope, that’s not it – guess again… 

Every woman has her ideal dress for the Big Day. And that’s whether she’s planning a wedding or not.

With so many different styles to choose from, it’s difficult to guess which would claim the top spot… But you might not be expecting to see this lesser known brand.

Strapless, backless or adorned with lace, Duchess of Cambridge-style, personal preferences on the ideal dress vary from woman to woman, and decade to decade. But this particular gown from an Australian designer had 2.5 MILLION pins on Pinterest last year.

What’s the verdict – does it get your vote as the most beautiful wedding dress of all time?


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The ‘Hollie Dress’ is a boho-style gown, designed by Grace Loves Lace. The gown is a far departure from the more traditional and modest white wedding dresses that have been popular in the past.

This glamorous gown has a low back, with thin, barely-there spaghetti straps and a lacy, layered skirt.

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But while the dress itself isn’t available to buy any more due to its incredible popularity, brides-to-be can still get their hands on some very similar gowns, as Grace loves Lace have a beautiful new bridal collection for 2017.

The new designs follow in the footsteps of the Hollie design and are sure to become an internet sensation. The elegant designs are a break from traditional but perfect for a fairytale forest setting or a boho-beach vibe.

A selection of the dresses available are shown below, all image credits to Grace loves Lace.

Paloma £1,670

Camille, £2,530

Dominique, £2,300

Grace loves Lace are based in Australia but they also have a London showroom. So if you are itching to see the dresses in person, book an appointment!