On a quest to avoid looking frumpy over 40, Kath Brown, 51, and Paula Moore, 42, search out clothes that look good on grown-up women.


PAULA MOORE: This week we’re talking about how to find the PERFECT pair of jeans…

I once had an anxiety dream where I walked into a shop full of jeans and didn’t know which ones to try on!

Obviously we all have more important things to worry about than how big our bums look in denim but finding a pair of jeans that don’t accentuate our worst bits is up there with our more minor concerns like what to cook for dinner and who will have the in laws for Christmas this year.

The problem with jeans is before you put them on they all look exactly the same. But once you wriggle into a pair, the differences become all too apparent.

You can look your absolute worst in denim (and by this I mean fatter!) or your absolute best (ie. two sizes thinner!) which is why finding a good pair is worth the effort.

To help you avoid the trauma of shopping for your ultimate figure fixing jeans the fashion team at Woman, who have all the usual issues like muffin top, flat bum, pear shape, petite  etc, have tried on loads of pairs so you don’t have to.

And the good news is we haven’t done that usual thing of dictating which jeans style is allowed for each shape. You know how pears are always told to wear bootcut!

We have found the best jeans in several styles for each shape and included tips on all the details you should look for to solve your particular body issue. See our top picks here.

So here goes… Happy jeans shopping.