These four Woman readers are proof that 40-plus women like them, and you, are happier, bolder and more stylish than ever before! We’re calling it Generation Y Not

Here’s what the ladies had to say… From left:

Nicky, 47 ’18 months ago I stopped dyeing my hair and went grey and went to the hairdresser for a new pixie cut. It was a hit with everyone – I even found a note on my car from someone saying how good it looked!’

Jessica, 56 ‘If you’re lucky enough to grow old you should be able to do it however you want – I plan to do it with long hair!’

Valentina, 46 ‘In August 2010 my marriage ended – I saw it as a chance to change. After years of living in jeans I started shopping at Zara and Topshop. I feel like a new woman!’

Julie, 42 I’m a grandmother to three gorgeous boys, but I’m not going to sit back and let life pass me by – that’s why I go clubbing with my best friend every month. My husband finds it hilarious when 20-year-olds chat me up!’

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