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Discount clothing brands – where would our wallet-conscious wardrobes be without them? From our fave lookalike designer handbag to that on-trend, metallic pleat skirt that wows without wasting a single extra penny from our already scant fashion budgets – there’s very little not to love about rocking the latest looks, at rock bottom prices.

And if you’ve already raided the racks at the likes of Primark, Everything5pounds and Studio you’ll be pleased to hear that a new low-cost label has just been picked up by our style radar. Polish fashion house Reserved has just showed off its Autumn 2017 preview. And with stunning pieces starting at just £4 we’ve had to pinch ourselves a few times to check its real!

The collection is hitting the high street on London’s Oxford Street on September 5th, with a UK version of the site debuting the same day – hooray! As we’re an impatient lot we’ve scoured Reserved’s Instagram page for some of its hottest upcoming looks to give you a little visual feast ahead of the official drop.

Discount clothing brands – could Reserved be our new go-to?

The inadvertent ode to Princess Diana

Cosy + casual + chic =  a look we can totally get on board with!

The transitional all-in-one that will see you through the seasons

We love this deep shade of denim and the cute Chanel-esque handbag dresses this daytime look up a treat!

The new velvet crush

#fashionpiece – Velvet boots: RW095-90X Photo by: @kasia.skoczylas #reserved #shoes #accessories #fashion #style #velvet #amazing #lovely #itpiece #detail #cool #stuuning #picoftheday #reservedbrand

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The world of fashion isn’t done with the velvet trend yet, and these gorgeous ankle boots are the perfect way to incorporate it into your look.

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