Well, for one woman, this became a reality!

Natalie Gelbert was left heartbroken when she discovered that not only had her wedding dress been donated to charity by her husband, but she couldn’t get it back because it had already been sold!

The bride was forced to part ways with her beloved gown because of a simple mistake made by her husband.

Natalie had her dress stored in the back of her car waiting to be dry cleaned. Unfortunately for the bride, her husband filled the back of the car with clothes in bags to be donated to charity at the same time. When her hubby took their old clothes down to Goodwill, the woman’s dress became mixed up with all the other bags, meaning that her husband donated the dress to charity by mistake, along with their old and unwanted garments.

By the time the bride realised her husband’s mistake, it was too late. The dress had been sold. When the groom discovered what had happened, Natalie said he went “completely pale”. Taking to Facebook, the bride shared her story and said she was, “so so so upset” by the situation.

Although some brides do choose to donate their wedding dress to charity after their big day, for some like Natalie, the dress becomes a sentimental memory of the special occasion, and an heirloom to keep for future generations.

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Finally, Natalie also posted a picture of the dress, asking if anyone knew who had bought it in the small hope that her gown might make its way back to her one day.

lost wedding dress

“I would really like to buy it back. I know to whoever bought it, it was a great deal and sold dirt cheap but to me it is priceless. Very sentimental and something that can’t be replaced” Natalie said in the post.

A ray of hope – if not the actual dress – came in form of a random act of kindness from a stranger. Revealing the details on her Facebook page she wrote:

Happily Ever After?

Finally, thanks to the far reaching power of the internet, this story has a happy ending. Natalie’s post went viral. As a result, after being shared 37,000 times, it took just three days for the dress to be returned.

In addition, Natalie revealed that her wedding dress had been sold for $20-$25 while she initially paid $1000 for it!

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Sharing her delight at finding her dress with all of her supportive followers, Natalie wrote:

Thank you to everyone who offered up reward money, their own dresses, to pay for a new one, all the news stations that shared, the radio shows I got to go on, and ALL the sharing & caring! I really do appreciate it!!! “Really the amount of love thats been shown is CRAZY and how far my story traveled is AMAZING. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! Glad I got it back and I get to continue to pass it down in my family!!!! #OperationGetNattysDressBackComplete

So, we’re guessing Natalie won’t be leaving her dress in the back of her car again any time soon! Congratulations on getting the dress back guys!