The cost of the Kate Middleton jewellery collection will definitely leave you shocked…

Most royal fans focus on the fabulous outfits worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, but it means that her impressive jewellery collection is overlooked.

Rarely does a day go by where the Duchess heads out on an official royal engagement without wearing at least one piece of glittering jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

However, she’s often subtle in her choices. The Duchess won’t usually be seen wearing more than one or two pieces of extravagant adornments at one time.

It’s common knowledge that the royal is privy to access to the royal collection of jewellery – including many exquisite pieces belonging to the Queen herself.

But it seems she’s slowly been amassing her own stock of high-end pieces too. So how much is her royal jewellery collection really worth?

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring

We couldn’t discuss the Duchess’ jewellery collection without recognising her now world-famous engagement ring.

The sapphire ring is of course a family heirloom, previously property of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana, when she was married to Prince Charles.

So, while the value of that ring specifically is likely to be in the millions, it would likely cost around £300,000 if it was commissioned now, according to Rebecca English for the Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton’s bracelet collection

The Duchess of Cambridge’s choice of wrist-wear is often muted and subtle – she usually opts for colourful earrings instead. The Duchess recently wore a stunning pair of pearl bracelets, which are said to be from Princess Diana’s personal collection. The price of the bracelets isn’t known, but given its long royal history, they’re bound to be worth a huge amount…

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Kate Middleton watch

Although she’s surely got royal minders to tell her what time it is, Kate’s recently sported a range of high-end watches to complete her outfits. On a recent tour of Germany, she donned a particularly special Cartier watch, believed to cost an eye-watering £4,600. Apparently the silver wrist watch was a gift from husband William, and so belongs to her personal collection.

Kate Middleton’s necklace collection

The Duchess also doesn’t let her style slip when it comes to neck-wear. She often accessories with chunky silver necklaces, with a cost to match. Reportedly, this looped Cartier pendant that the Duchess wore back in July 2012 is worth a whopping £55,000. And given the five, diamond-studded hoops it features, we’re not surprised!

Kate Middleton’s earring collection

We’ve got to hand it to Kate… She LOVES a good pair of statement earrings – and she wears the well! The Duchess has proven in recent years that she’s not afraid to be bold with her earrings. On her wedding day in particular, Catherine chose to wear a pair commissioned by her family, rather than select from the Queen’s extensive collection.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t cost a pretty penny, at a reported, huge £15,000.

Kate Middleton

In recent months, it seems the Duchess has also been favouring one designer, Kiki McDonough, for her ear-wear. She donned a stunning pair of red earrings on a visit to the National Portrait Gallery earlier on in the year, which were custom made for her.

However, a strikingly similar version of the drop-earrings were available on the jewellers website, selling for a huge £8,900.

But this is just a small snippet of the jewellery on offer to the royal now that she’s a fully-fledged member of the family. According to a new book, How To Dress Like A Princess: The Secrets Of Kate’s Wardrobe, the entirety of her collection is worth £600,000. Weep..!

And reportedly, this doesn’t even include items that have been given to her as an official member of the royal family. The actual number is said to be over £1 million!

The book’s author, Claudia Joseph, revealed that Kate’s personal collection is perhaps the most impressive. She said: “Although people tend to focus on the incredible gems and tiaras that she borrows from the Queen, most people will be amazed to see the extraordinary collection she has amassed since her marriage.

“Not only did her husband give her Princess Diana’s fabulous engagement ring, but he has given her birthday, Christmas and ‘push presents'”, reportedly, for the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.”

Well, she certainly puts our trusty old pair of gold studs from H Samuel to shame…