If you've always struggled to find that elusive perfect pair of jeans, it's time to tear up the rule book. With a few tips and tricks from the Woman Fashion team, you can wear every style!

It’s the staple piece every woman should have in their wardrobe! If you’ve not found the perfect pair of jeans yet, we’ve hunted out the best from the high street below. Whatever your shape, there’s a pair to suit you!

Small waist, big hips

The days of waistband alterations are over. By steering clear of low-rise styles and opting for high-rise jeans instead, gaping at the waist is a thing of the past. Try a curved waistband for an even closer fit and look out for jeans with 2-4% elastane content to hug your curves.


H&M, £24.99, Levi, £80, River Island, £42, Lee, £75

Big bum

If you’re a little concious of your bum, then try mid-rise styles with an elastane content of around 3% as they will stretch just the right amount. Also, look out for pockets that are angled inwards as they will give the illusion of a smaller bottom.

2.-big-bumF&F, £22, J Brand, £195, Very.co.uk, £29, Topshop, £42


By choosing thicker fabrics with a slight stretch and high waist you will lengthen your legs, especially in darker washes. If you’re bigger, do try plus-sizes brands. Their fit will be better than high street brands as they specifically work with your proportions.

Evans, £30, Mango, £44.99, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, £149.99, Simply Be, £35

No bum

Your must-have jeans are lift and sculpt styles – they do exactly that and leave you looking much more pert. Give your bum an extra lift boost with flaps and buttons on your back pockets.

M&S, £35, Uniqlo, £34.90, Salsa at John Lewis, £105, Next, £45

Muffin top

Low-rise jeans will dig into you and make a muffin top worse. Try a high waist with at least 2% elastane content instead, as it will stop that, and wider waistbands help too. The size label in your jeans doesn’t mean a thing, so don’t get hung up if you need a larger size than normal. It’s the fit that counts.

Debenhams, £22, Michael Kors, £145, River Island, £42, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, £139

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