We all like the idea of splashing out on a designer item, but it is hard to justify the cost. So instead, we've found the best designer copies!

We’ve all been there – stuck between eating cereal for dinner for the next month or investing in that beautiful designer bag, jacket or pair of shoes.

Ultimately, most of us decide the investment just isn’t worth it. We accept that we cannot justify the dent it will leave on our bank balance and sometimes go without.

Luckily the high street is on our side and several stores are producing brilliant designer copies. So you don’t have miss out on that treat you want and deserve.

Obviously you cannot expect the same quality of craftsmanship, care or materials from designer copies. But, if you are looking for a superficial filler in the designer void in your life these items are the answer. All high street stores take inspiration from the catwalk, so finding copycat items is actually easier than you’d think.

From bags, to shoes, hats and jackets, this gallery will help you look catwalk ready in an instant.

These purse friendly designer copies imitate the latest trends so effortlessly you’ll probably love them more than the designer products they are inspired by. Why have one designer bag when you can have several look-a-likes in all the available colours?

designer copies at mango

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Mango have all the best designer bag look-a-likes but several other stores are leading the way including Primark!

Our biggest tip for finding a designer style bargain is to look out for expensive looking fabrics. When shopping for shoes and bags it’s always best to avoid patent items which can often look cheap and opt for soft looking leathers. This way nobody will know that really you’re wearing River Island rather than Sophia Webster.

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