This is not a drill! If you can't justify forking out on a designer handbag this high-street store KEEPS making brilliant lookalike versions.

A designer handbag is a huge investment – but sometimes it can be difficult to choose which design or brand to commit to.

Luckily, this store is helping you stay on trend without leaving a huge dent in your bank balance.

The game-changing store in question is none other than Mango. With over 2,700 stores across 105 countries, everyone can get in on the duped designer bag bandwagon.

Because why have one bag when you can have several, for a fraction of the price, and plenty of outfit options?

Mango really have stepped up their game and we love them for it. They are producing bags which often cost thousands of pounds less than the designer bags they are inspired by.

For other great designer copies check out our save versus splurge gallery!

Here are some great examples of Mango bags versus designer…


This is the most recent example of Mango answering our calls for a great bag without a huge price tag. On the left is the Chloé Nile bracelet bag. It is very chic and is said to be loved by the likes of Sienna Miller and Emma Roberts. But at £1,150 you might not be convinced enough to rush out the door and impulse buy one.

Luckily, Mango have a bag which costs less than £30 and it looks very similar. Wouldn’t you agree?

The Mango bag has a magnetic front clasp with rectangle detailing and costs just £29.99. It also comes in a lighter shade of ecru if you are after a more summery look. Why not get both of the Mango versions and you’ll still have change left over?

J.W Anderson

This J.W Anderson Pierce bag, seen on the left, had everyone obsessing over it when it was unveiled as part of the AW16 collection. Almost immediately, it became a modern icon. The bold red colour and gold buckle detailing made it almost irresistible. apart from the £1,095 price tag, that was kind of a nuisance.

And then came along Mango with its £35.99 equivalent. Realistically, there is no doubting that the craftsmanship and quality of the original bag is leaps and bounds above the Mango one. But when they look this similar, are you really that bothered?

You get to rock the bag with no real worries about it breaking or being damaged because, if it is, you could just get another one…. Which definitely wouldn’t be an option for most of us if we had the J.W Anderson one.

Balenciaga Bazar

This copy from Mango is a little more expensive at £59.99 but it is still loads cheaper than the one from Balenciaga which costs £1,045.

The stripes on the Mango bag are also horizontal rather than vertical but they couldn’t really get away with a straight copy could they! Plus, the colour tones are very similar with a great combination of black, blue and white.

Both bags are super versatile and would work well in the office or out and about in town.

If you’re tempted, just head over to the Mango website… We know you want to!