And how she reacted!


For many brides, one of the most crucial things to get right on their wedding day is the dress.

It’s something they’ve dreamed of from a young age, whether it’s a romantic train, Cinderella-style full skirt, or a simple and elegant gown.

Ivory, pearl and even blush seem to be the traditional shades of choice. But what if we told you the latest bride on our radar is opting for a bright blue wedding dress – and it’s her husband that’s chosen the colour!


Don’t Tell The Bride Ireland star Jamie had a grand plan for the wedding dress of his bride-to-be, Nikki. Jamie decided that rather than opt for traditional white, he’d buy Nikki her dream dress – and dye it bright blue. This bold move was inspired by the fact that the pair met on dating website Plenty of Fish. Alrighty then.

“It’s either going to work or it’s ruined,” he fretted. Bold, Jamie. Bold. 

Props to Nikki, who was actually a great sport about the whole thing. Though she didn’t spot significance of the colour at first: “I don’t think he really thought it out. I think he just likes blue.”

Naturally, twitter have fallen hard for the couple.

Congrats guys- we’re sure the wedding snaps were very, um, vibrant!