Live in flats but worry about that sudden downpour of rain? Take inspiration from our pick of the best flat shoes for all weather.

We’ve all stepped out in a pair of fabulous shoes during a sunny morning to then come home, absolutely drenched in the evening. Avoid soggy shoe syndrome this Autumn with our pick of the best flat shoes for all weather.

What makes the perfect flat shoe for all weather? We recommend looking out for a style with a chunky sole, this way you’re feet will be able to resist puddles, mud and anything else you may find on the ground!

What to look out for when shopping for flat shoes:

Shoes made from real leather are also great for combating anything the elements throw at you. Shoes made from real leather will keep your feet dry and at a constant temperature – so there’s  no need to worry about getting sweaty feet when there’s a sudden heatwave.

Brightly coloured ankle boots are a great option if you’re after a pair of flat shoes for all weather.  This covered up style will keep you dry, while the bright colour will let you hang on to that last day of summer feeling.

Or if you’re not ready to step into a pair of ankle boots, opt for a pair of sleek, chic brogues. Perfect when worn a pair of jeans or a figure flattering dress.

Sports luxe is also a huge trend this season, which is great as trainers are the perfect flat shoes for all weather! There are loads of gorgeous embellished trainers this season, so even if Sporty Spice wasn’t your favourite Spice Girl you’ll still be able to rock a pair of trainers. Look out for jewelled styles which look great with a tunic top and skinny jeans.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get some comfy flat shoes!