Remember the Primark phone accessory which was just like Kim Kardashian’s selfie-perfecting LuMee case?

Now the budget retailer have an LED make-up mirror that can rival a designer.

Every beauty-obsessive needs a light up mirror in their life. It’s fabulous for when you are doing your hair or make-up and will also help you achieve a flawless selfie.

Plus it is a super chic addition to your bedroom! Primark are launching this LED Make-up mirror in store later this week and it costs just £10.

Created in collaboration with YouTube star Saffron Barker, the mirror has 10 lights and a soft pink frame.

Several people have compared it to a £230 mirror from cult brand Makeup Mirror. This mirror has 12 lights and stands at 56cm tall and 42cm wide.

Details on the size of the Primark mirror are not yet available but given the price difference we still think it is a sound investment!