An esteemed fashion designer has stated that he believes Meghan’s style is ‘edgier’ and ‘younger’ than the Duchess’ – but for very good reason.

Ben De Lisi, who is famed for his collections with high-street store Debenhams, has commented on the style differences between the two women.

And he confessed his opinion that Meghan, who is one year older than 35-year-old Kate, dresses ‘younger’ – but only because she’s not set to be Queen of England, and is still a relatively new member of the royal family.

He said, “I think Meghan’s style is slightly younger than the Duchess of Cambridge, and slightly edgier. But that’s because Meghan is not walking in the role of a princess and Kate is.

Ben was also quick to praise the Duchess, voicing his belief that she has created a ‘classy’ style in her royal role. But he did suggest that she often plays her fashion choices, ‘very safe’…

“Kate has embraced it beautifully, with style and class. Sometimes it borders on being very safe but I always think she pulls it off beautifully.”

So what does the pro think of Prince Harry’s beau’s style? Meghan, who has been widely praised for her style following her appearance on US show Suits, is usually pictured in simple, understated ensembles. And it’s a style Ben very much approves of.

Meghan’s style…

“From photographs, I see her style as classic chic.

“It’s quite clean, and I don’t see it as gratuitous fashion trends. I like the concept of her wearing a white shirt and jeans and flats with a beautiful statement bag.

“I think she’s all about the understatement.”

But might Meghan’s style change now she’s a new mum, as rumours constantly suggest?

In a previous interview with Glamour, Meghan has confessed that she does in fact favour a simpler style. She admitted that she’s all about quality, plain classics in her wardrobe.

Speaking about her Suit’s character Rachel’s style, she said, “A lot of my personal style is reflected. I like monochromatic and tonal dressing and I don’t generally wear prints, and neither does Rachel now.”