The Duchess of Cambridge’s style is famously chic. From her perfectly polished skirts to her wild hats, she’s got the royal look down pat.

The latest thing we’re paying attention to? How she manages to wear her sky-high heels all day long while looking completely unbothered.

As it turns out, she’s got a little trick to make the stiletto-induced pain much more bearable.

Vanity Fair reports that Middleton is a big fan of leather sole inserts, which help add support to shoes to make them more comfortable.

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The source told the magazine that the royal is able to stay comfy even in the highest stilettos because of Alice Bow inserts specifically.

The site claims the insoles are “designed to cushion the ball of your foot and heels, whilst being thin enough to fit unnoticed into any shoes”.

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“Kate has ordered a couple of packets, she thinks they are great,” the source said of the inserts, which are made in Britain from Italian leather.

We’ll be taking a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge the next time we slip on our stilettos then!

Kate is also said to favour ‘non-slip’ tights to keep everything in place. You can pick up a pair yourself from John Lewis for just £5. The store also offers the tights with an open toe finish – which is perfect for solving that age-old tights-and-shoes dilemma.