Not another ASOS photoshop scandal, but a picture that has won the brand praise, the fashion brand is applauded for showing stretch marks on their website…

The fashion industry frequently comes under fire for promoting un-realistic beauty standards. From a flagrant use of photoshop to make models look superhumanly perfect, to labelling any woman that wears a size 10 or above ‘plus size’, we can probably all agree that the industry has a long way to go before it can be called inclusive.

However, there are small signs of progress evident every day as the notoriously image-based and perfection focused industry slowly begins to represent real people and realistic beauty standards.

One such subtle step has caught the attention of delighted shoppers this week from fashion brand ASOS.

An eagle-eyed customer on their site spotted that ASOS had stopped photo-shopping some of their images, allowing their model’s real beauty – and real bodies – to shine though in photos. The picture that drew particular attention was one of a model in a bikini, showing her stretch marks. A perfectly normal, and very common occurrence on most people’s bodies, stretch marks are very rarely shown in fashion, and normally covered or edited out of photos.

asos photoshop

The online shopping destination, which has previously been criticized for using ‘dangerously thin’ models in their photo shoots, has been taking steps this year to better represent their diverse customer base. Back in February they launched their first-ever plus-size collection for men.

Their latest move not to photoshop some of their website’s images to unrealistic perfection has won them wide-spread praise from shoppers and social media users.

Although the model still looks perfect to us, and seeing stretch marks shouldn’t be something that is ‘shocking’,  it’s great to see a fashion brand embracing a naturalistic approach to the way they represent beauty. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!