Stuck for what to wear on your feet? Try these gorgeous ankle boots to wear now! Great with bare legs for the last days of summer but also great come winter.

If we were to pick one staple item for our year round wardrobe it would definitely be the ankle boot. Now, we hear you when you say ‘but the sun is shining’, but trust us when we say these are the ankle boots to wear now!

During the summer, look out for a bright ankle boot which will help brighten up your outfit. This way you won’t look like you’re wishing for the winter. Not only will a colourful ankle boot add a great pop of colour to your outfit, but it’s also a great way to keep your feet dry for those sudden summer downpours…not to mention that nobody will know if you’re overdue a pedicure!

One Autumn comes alone, you can start to look out for more berry tones and animal prints. This Autumn has some great ankle boot trends so there’s absolutely no need to go back to boring black boots. Try looking out for the following trends when shopping for ankle boots to wear now, that way you’ll be ready for September, October and the rest of the year:

  • Statement heels – there are tonnes of boots with really distinctive block heels. Not only are these super comfy (hurruh for block heels!), but they also look really modern. We recommend styles with a tortoiseshell heel or a bold metal heel.
  • Velvet – this plush texture is big news for AW16, and those dry summer days are perfect for velvet as it means they won’t get ruined in puddles!
  • Tapestry prints – Ankle boots are getting artsy this Autumn. Look of out for styles with metallic thread which look and feel really luxe.
  • Animal print- Animal print is always a huge trend, and is great for adding brightness to your outfit without being too bold or brash.
  • Patent – another texture set to be huge this winter…great as you can just wipe patent leather dry!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to shop the boots to wear now!