It’s too sweet for words!

This married couple are the ultimate relationship goals. They have worn matching outfits every day for 37 years!

The pair married way back in 1980. Now, in their 60s and still looking fabulous, they go by the name of bonpon511 on Instagram. “Bon” is the Japanese word for husband, “pon” means wife, and 5.11 is the date of their wedding anniversary.

Their Instagram account is taking the world of social media by storm, boasting an impressive 219, 000 followers (and rising)!


Everyone is completely enamoured with bonpon511’s matching style and perfect couple pictures. With each post bringing in thousands of likes and positive comments.

“You’re so cute and adorable. I’m in love with you two,” gushed one user.

“The most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen,” commented another.

There’s no denying it— the couple are insanely adorable.

Their colour schemes and themes can change: they have done tartan and gingham, stripes and checks. A classic pullover combination is also a popular option. But whatever the colour and style, they always match.

Instagram captions reveal that the stylish duo favour labels like UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons. But the pair also frequent thrift shops for their fashion-forward looks.

Obviously, they aren’t the first couple to do this— cast your mind back to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, or even Kim and Kanye West more recently. But bonpon511 undoubtedly steal the show.

Can anyone out-cute this couple? We dare you to try!