Can you name a time when Primark hasn't saved the day? Now these Primark shoes will help any shoe addict lusting over a £550 pair from Gucci!

We love it when Primark creates copycat items. Whether it is designer clothes, accessories or big name beauty brands they always produce a winner.

The latest item to send fashion blogger and shoe addicts into a frenzy are a pair of embroidered loafers.

Can you spot the difference?

These £8 Primark shoes might not be to everybody’s taste, but they are amazingly similar to a pair from Gucci and they cost a fraction of the price.

The Primark loafers have a bright embroidered pattern and a simple gold buckle detail.

gucci loafer

The Gucci version cost £472 more. Obviously, the quality and craftsmanship of the Gucci loafers is difficult to rival. But, when the Primark shoes look so similar and are 60 times cheaper, it is difficult to say no! We all love to lust over designer items but rarely get the courage to part with the kind of money it takes to have the items in our wardrobe. With Primark producing so many great copycats, you can stay on trend and not break the bank!

The Italian designer describes the Princetown New Fora slipper as having “a stunning cascade of colourful flowers from every season set against a pink backdrop”.

The shoes are a “revamped version of the iconic Flora print by Vittorio Accornero”. And Gucci said it was created using innovative techniques.

It is safe to assume the Primark pair required a lot less work to pull off… But we still think they’ll create a statement!