We still have fond memories of those fluffy Gucci loafers that were all over our Insta feeds last year. Well this summer, Miu Miu has made the summer pool slider version – for a cool £705, may we add.

But don’t worry, we’ve done our research so that we can still, you know, afford to pay the mortgage and eat, while indulging in this frivolous but fabulous trend. And we have found the most amazing designer copies.

They’re £8, and they’re from Primark.

The real deal are made with genuine pearls and shearling, but these Primark numbers have kept the classic plastic pool-slide vibes. Which means, no sweaty feet! So not only will you save £697, they’ll also be more practical than the catwalk versions.

£8, Primark

Because when we buy fluffy footwear, practicality is exactly what we have in mind…

£8, Primark

Yes, they’re a little bit silly, but at £8 we say take us to the nearest Primark store immediately. But the question is, black, nude, blue or red?

FROM: Our sister site, Look. Written by Bridie Wilkins