Are you surprised?



Getting the bridesmaid dress right can be tricky business.

When you’ve got multiple maids, all with different tastes and body types, a one-style-fits all approach won’t always go down well… Which is why we were so intrigued to see the bridesmaid dress that’s come out on top as most popular.

This dress – designed by American designer Camille la Vie – has been pinned over 17,000 times on Pinterest (have you also seen the most popular wedding dress ever? It’s not what you might expect….)

Can you guess out of these three dresses which is the most popular? A, B, or C?


It’s C! The floor-length dress boasts a traditional style. It comes complete with a lace illusion neckline, full chiffon skirt and a pleated bodice that pulls in at the waist.

The dress comes in an array of colourways, including subtle blush, pink, cranberry, wine, blue, coral, and navy. We’re sure the versatility and flattering cut of this dress adds to its incredible popularity!

It also comes in a large range of sizes, from a US 0-16. Proving it can look great on women of all shapes and sizes!


And the best news? It’s actually really affordable at $159.99 to $179.99, depending on colour and style.