Do you always find yourself struggling to find an outfit at a)is easy to wear and b)makes you look slimmer? Yep, us too! That’s why the Woman fashion team have found the easiest throw on, tummy trimming dresses that will leave you looking slimmer in an instant.

There are so many clever tricks to look out for whilst shopping for tummy trimming dresses, and day-to-day dressing will become so easy once you know them.

Try looking for bold prints that will detract attention from what’s underneath, and when in doubt simply pop on a pair of killer heels which will make you look leaner in seconds.

If you want to disguise a big tum, then look out for the following dress styles:

The wrap dress
A wrap style dress will hide a big tum in seconds. How? Well by creating a crossover effect a wrap dress will create a V at your bust like, drawing attention to you waist, while the actual crossover will pull in and hide your tum.

Shirt dresses and tunic styles
Loose, flowing styles can be great for skimming over lumps and bumps – nobody will ever know what is underneath!

Ruched styles
A ruched dress is perfect for disguising a belly. How? Well the gathered areas will create the illusion of a slimmer figure whilst drawing attention to the smallest part of your body (your waist). It’s that simple!