Why wine bottle lipsticks have made it to the top of our Christmas list...


Ladies, our two greatest loves have just collided. No, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy didn’t just bump into one another on the street. But that must have happened at some point right? Oh the thought of it!

Wait, back to beauty. There are now lipsticks shaped like wine bottles. The colour is made from wine pigments. The gorgeous worlds of beauty and wine have come together to create our latest beauty must-have.

Beauty company Labiotte have actually come up with a whole range of cosmetics that are intricately packaged as diddy little wine bottles.

To top it off, you might have guessed this already, but the lipstick and lip stain colours are also based on wine! Check this out…

Chateau Labiotte Wine Bottle Lipsticks and Lip Stain Colours

Chardonnay Orange, Shiraz Red, Nebbiolo Red, Blush Pink.

We’re a little bit in love with this dinky new range, how could you not be? We love lipstick. We adore wine. Little lipsticks in wine bottles was always going to be a dead cert winner. Even Drew Barrymore’s a fan! The range even made it onto the A-List star’s Instagram account.

Credit: Instagram @drewbarrymore

Convinced? Head over to Amazon and treat yourself, click here to view the range, we challenge you to resist the urge to splurge!

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