‘Face lift freeze cream’ is produced from grapes and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines – no surgery required!

When it comes to reversing wrinkles, we bet you haven’t tried this!


We love wine. And after a long, hard day, it’s definitely the antidote. But when it comes to reversing wrinkles, we kind of thought it was the enemy.

But now there’s a new face cream that’s got the whole beauty industry talking, and the secret ingredient is a rather unexpected one – Swiss Ice Wine.

‘Face lift freeze cream’ promises to plump and smooth, ironing out wrinkles and lifting the skin.

It relies on the active ingredient Vin-upLift, which is derived from Swiss Ice Wine, produced by naturally frozen grapes.

Kylie is said to favour lifting creams over botox or fillers

Kylie is said to favour lifting creams over botox or fillers

During the fermenting process, the wine becomes rich in sugars and polysaccharides – vital skin-lifting ingredients.

And the best news? You can pick it up in your local Superdrug!

The Optimum PhytoFreeze Face & Neck Cream is just £14.99 and the PhytoFreeze Eye Cream £12.99.

The Superdrug head of own brand, David Cooke, said: “As the long term effects of Botox and other injectables are still uncertain we’re seeing more women than ever looking for products which give a freezing effect, giving an instantly youthful look, without any worry.

“Women are becoming more savvy and now understand they don’t need to look for reassurance in a hefty price tag, they can look at the technology behind products such as this PhytoFreeze and then actually see an instant result.”

Will drinking a glass of pinot while we apply our moisturiser help too?


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