Find out exactly which makeup brush set will meet your beauty needs.


We love good makeup brushes. We toiled away back in the day rubbing in foundation with our fingers, and staining our nails with eyeshadow, but once you bag a good makeup brush set you don’t look back.

The trouble is, there’s so many of them about! How on earth do we know which makeup brushes set to invest in? Do we go vegan? Opt for one that’s made especially for contouring? Or is it all about the brand? You see our problem. Well luckily enough for you we’re here to guide you through the makeup brushes set choosing process.


How to choose your makeup brushes set

The key is to decide which part of the makeup process is most important to you. If you’re an eyeshadow lady you need to keep a look out for the best selection of liner and shadow blending brushes. If you’re all about blusher a smaller makeup brushes set containing mainly face brushes is best.

Of course you might be more concerned about how your brush collection looks on your dressing table. If that’s you, we’ve got some great options singled out.

Brushes with benefits

Look out for Spectrum brushes if you’re keen to keep your makeup vegan. There’s also a full range of non-profit vegan makeup brushes that give back called Kohl Kreatives. All the profit from their tools go back into their charity Kohl Kares. Kohl Koares provides free makeup consultancy services to transitioning, transgender and recovering cancer patients. Find out more about their brushes and their work here.

Read on to discover the array of makeup brush sets waiting for you on the beauty shelves this year.

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