Have you ever wondered what your nail polish choice is saying to your date?

Here’s our tell-all guide on what your nail polish says about you! Whether you’re a fan of trendy metallic nails, a classic pillar box red or glittery tips… the style you subconsciously choose shows a lot about your personality. Scroll down to see what your mani really means…

Want to get your nails in shape? Here are our top tips on how to make your mani last longer…

  1. Keeping your nail polishes upright will keep the polish itself in better condition and prevent it building up around the lid and the dreaded gloop. A top tip is to add a small circular sticker with the colour on top so you can choose your polish easily.
  2. Applying 2 layers of base coat is AMAZING for preventing chipping. Paint the first layer of your base coat polish on the top half portion of your nails only. Then, after your nails have dried, paint a second coat, but this time cover the entire nail. This will protect the ends of your nails, which are far more prone to chipping.
  3. The more moisturised and nourished your nails are, the less likely they are to break and chip, so make sure you apply cuticle oil religiously! Make it part of your daily routine, as you would brushing your teeth or applying moisturiser.