wrinklesAh, wrinkles. How we try to get rid of you, but you just won’t take the hint.

But, while the usual suspects like too much sun, smoking, drinking and the lack of a good skincare routine are usually to blame, there are other every day habits that could be making your wrinkles worse without you even realising it!

Drinking through a straw

While this may shield your teeth against sugary drinks, pursing your lips (in the same way that you would if you were smoking a cigarette) can cause those fine lines to creep up around the mouth area. The occasional milkshake, cocktail or smoothie through a straw won’t hurt, but doing this daily is a no-no.

Putting the heating (or air conditioning!) on full blast

It might make sense when it comes to feeling comfortable, but too much heat or cold air will wreck havoc with your skin as it will become dried out (ever noticed how your skin looks like after a long flight? Exactly.) If you’re staying somewhere with heavy air con, a tip is to keep a glass of water by your bed at night to increase the humidity while you sleep.

Sleeping on your side

While this might not make a difference on your face, your décolletage will suffer… The creasing that occurs between your cleavage will become more permanent if this is how you sleep night after night, so try sleeping on your back if you can or in a top with built in support.

Resting your face in your hands

Looking glum? Well, snap out of it! Because putting pressure on one point on your face can break down collagen in that spot, causing wrinkles. And that would make you far more glum…

Eating too much refined sugar

We all know refined sugar is basically the devil, but it can have an awful effect on not just your weight, but your skin, too. Eating too much sugar causes glycation, a process that occurs when your body has excessive amount of sugar. This can lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing the skin to wrinkle. Eat fresh and skip sugary treats when you can.

Skipping sunglasses

While we all know we need to lather on the SPF in order to prevent pesky wrinkles, not wearing your sunnies can do just as much damage! Squinting, when reading a book (or the cocktail menu!) in the sun is a fast-track to fine lines. If you really can’t bear wearing sunglasses, invest in a hat instead.

Chewing gum

Constantly chewing gum breaks down the skin’s collagen around the lips and cheeks – suck on a mint instead!

Using a cotton pillowcase

Switch to a silk pillowcase for a night time anti-ageing treat, it’s far gentler on your skin!

Not getting enough sleep

We know you know this one, but it really is so important. The skin repairs itself while you sleep, so, if you want to keep those wrinkles at bay, invest in a good night cream and get your 40 winks!