If you love MAC makeup but can't always justify forking out for it, you'll love the news that you can get a free MAC lipstick AND MAC makeup discounts!

Once you’ve gone MAC, do you ever go back? Though the quality of the products means we are willing to invest, as savvy shoppers we also like to keep our eyes peeled for MAC free samples and discounts from the brand.

How to get a free MAC lipstick:

A MAC lipstick is an essential product for anyone still looking for a brand that delivers long lasting coverage in a huge variety of colours. Getting a free MAC lipstick is simpler than you think and it helps the environment!

MAC recycling scheme:

All you need to do to get a free MAC lipstick is recycle! Take back six empty, full-sized MAC products that are made of plastic or glass and you’ll receive a free lipstick in any shade of your choice. Full size obviously!

You don’t have to take six of the same product but they do have to be from MAC, full-sized, empty and made of plastic or glass. So you can feel good for doing your part for the environment and know that every time you make a purchase you are earning your way towards a free lipstick!

How to get a MAC makeup discount:

If you’re super savvy you’ll know your way around the MAC website like it’s the back of your hand. But, have you overlooked the Goodbyes tab?

This cheeky little number is the place MAC lists all of its products soon to be discounted. Simply head to the website, click on the Goodbyes tab and say hello to MAC products with 30 per cent off the price tag!

The latest selection of products available includes the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colours, now only £12.50, and the Full Face Kit: Moons of Jupiter which is only £24.50 down from £35!

If you haven’t yet joined the MAC bandwagon, you can also get 10 per cent off you first online order when you make an account.

Where to grab MAC free samples:

If you are ever undecided about whether to listen to the hype and switch to a MAC foundation or primer, what better way to decide than to try before you buy?

Head down to any store and you can pick up samples to take home and try. Most stores set a limit to four samples at a time but this can vary so check with your local store for their policy. You can also order a sample with every purchase made online but the quantities are subject to availability.

You can also try samples of the MAC skincare range which includes tinted creams, cleansers and softening lotions. Ask the MAC shop assistant for the full details and they will be more than happy to help.