Apparently this is now 'a thing'


Would you ever try Nutella as hair dye?


We can certainly think of a lot of things we like doing with Nutella. Spreading it on toast. Dolloping it on croissants. Or even adding it to our favourite cakes and bakes.

But when it comes to beauty buys, a tub of the sweet stuff would seem rather ridiculous. Until now.

A beauty ‘influencer’ from Dubai had her hair coated in Nutella in attempt to tone down her brassy blonde locks – and it’s actually worked!


Blogger Huda Beauty uploaded a video of the bizarre method on her Instagram page and it has since racked up over a million views – and counting!


The blogger’s long blonde hair is shampooed then coated in a mixture of Nutella and condensed milk. Her hair is then wrapped up in foils, while the Nutella does its low-lighting magic.


Ta-dah! A totally different colour!

What sorcery is this? Does Nutella have some kind magical powers?


Well, the reasons as to why this has worked so well haven’t quite been explained yet… When we know, you’ll know.

So far, the response on Instagram has been rather dubious.

The amount of questions I have,” commented one person, while another said: “Is that real? I can’t believe it…”

Someone else said: “Omg if Nutella can be used as a hair dye can you imagine what it’s doing to our digestive tract? People shouldn’t eat that stuff.”

“Omg this is some next level love s***. Who would of even thought to put it in your hair tho?” said another.


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