You may not have thought about the type of water you drink every day before. But with multiple options out there these days, the type of water you drink could actually have a big impact on your appearance and health. Plus, with Brits now spending £60 million per year* on coconut water alone, it’s important to know what type of water is right for you.

Here’s the type of water that you should be drinking to be the best version of, well, you!


For longer, shinier locks

You need: Aloe Vera Water

Why? Aloe Vera is packed full of vitamins and minerals including vitamins C, E and beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) as well as vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 and the minerals zinc, copper and iron. Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at explains “Aloe vera is well-known for supporting the skin, with its healing and soothing action. Many people also swear by drinking aloe vera juice for improving the growth and condition of their hair. Another way it could work is by supporting the immune system. In some cases, hair loss is thought to be due to an immune reaction against the hair follicles, indicating that the immune system is out of balance. Aloe vera juice contains a substance called acemannan that may help to balance and support the immune system”.

For clearer, younger looking skin

You need: 2-4 liters of still water a day

Why? Water makes a big difference to your skins health, and without it your skin will appear duller and any wrinkles or pores you may have on your face will appear more prominent. “That may be because water plumps up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to, more or less, get filled in. What’s more, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively”, says Julius Few, M.D., director of The Few Institute and clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago.

And the best thing about it? You can get water right out of the tap at home, so it won’t cost you a penny! For more great ways to lose weight and feel better at home and save money, click here! 


To lower your blood pressure

You need: Coconut Water

Why? Coconut water is rich in nutrients, low in fat and is also very hydrating. A study published in the West Indian Medical Journal looked at whether coconut water was effective in treating high blood pressure, and found that 71% of people who drank coconut water showed a marked decrease in systolic blood pressure – win!

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To strengthen your immune system (and for a full body cleanse!)

You need: Birch Water

Why? Belseva, the makers of this 100% natural water made from pure birch tree sap (yes, really) explain that, “birch water stimulates the cleansing systems of the body, kidney and liver functions, and helps to eliminate the toxins in the body.” It may not be the tastiest water out there, but as it’s full of micro-nutrients unique to the birch tree, it has the unique ability to help strengthen your immune system, (as well as having the added benefits of lowering cholesterol and helping you to lose weight!)



*according to a survey by Holland and Barrett