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Turning back the clock on your tresses is so much easier than you think. And to help you locks go from lacklustre to luscious, we’ve put together a list of the top anti-ageing haircare tips, as voted by you.


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  1. Reverse wash hair. Condition first, leave in for 5 mins then wash out with shampoo. Your hair will be shinier and bouncier!! Its also a good way to prevent colour fading. Aslaug Waatvik 
  2. I think your hair gets used to your regular shampoo so I change the brand every few months to keep my hair looking fresh and shiny. Julie Pett
  3. Final rinse hair in vinegar. It removes any product build up and leaves it super soft. Try it! Collette Crandles Wilkes
  4. I’ve just discovered liquid keratin. It does wonders for dry hair! Julie Harvey
  5. Castor oil! Leave it in overnight to reveal a new head of hair. Eve Dimitriou 
  6. Use a coconut oil hair mask whenever your hair feels drab or frizzy (i.e. whenever it doesn’t feel great). Leave it on for two or so hours when having a lazy day. Kristyanne Atkins
  7. Heat a damp towel in the microwave for fifteen to twenty seconds and wrap it around your head turban style. This will help the conditioner work better, leave on for 3 to 5 mins and this makes hair super soft and shiny. Stephanie Spratt
  8. Mix together egg white, coconut oil, Pantene conditioner and Keritone conditioner. Apply from the scalp to the tip and leave on for a few hours! Works a treat! Sharon Cross
  9. Let hair dry naturally for a while with a spray of salt spray on. Tousled dry and it lasts for days without any other products. Diane Shannon
  10. When doing your final rinse turn the water down for a cool rinse. It  gives a nice shine to your hair and seals the cuticle. Lorraine Low

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