These before and after make-up photos show just how powerful good coverage can be!

Can we start by saying that we think women look most beautiful bare faced and natural.

And whether skin is rough or smooth, clear or freckled, light or dark, we should all wear the natural look with pride.

However, as anyone who’s suffered with problem skin will agree, sometimes good make-up coverage can be the difference between hiding away or leaving the house feeling confident.

One Reddit user – tryingwithmarkers – had been out in the sun for a little too long and experienced sever burning on her face. But after a short make-up application process, tryingwithmarkers’ skin looked flawless. How so?

According to the post on Reddit, she used Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation to completely hide any evidence of sun exposure (available for £29 from Debenhams)!

Some Reddit users commenting asking if it had hurt to put the make-up on top of sunburnt skin. But tryingwithmarkers claimed there was no discomfort when applying the make-up.

But while the product hides her rosy colour, this kind of cover up unfortunately doesn’t help when it comes to skin damage. ALWAYS wear suncream folks, the golden rule of beauty!