Smudge proof, kiss proof, drink proof, waterproof – we want a lipstick that can do it all and last all day. But, that didn’t exist…until now.

LipSense® could be the holy grail of all lip colours. Coming in over 35 different shades, and in a mixture of matte, gloss and shimmer varieties, the American brand product promises to last anywhere between four and 18 hours. What’s more, whatever you put your lips through in that time, whether it be a simple sip of water or a dip in the pool, the lip colour should last without smudging or smearing.

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But, does it really work? Well, beauty bloggers and make-up lovers all over the world have been giving the small lipstick with big claims a trial – and the long-lasting lip colour is receiving rave reviews.

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A smudge proof lipstick that doesn’t come off when you’re enjoying a glass of wine? We couldn’t definitely use one of those!

A long lasting lipstick is also a must-have beauty product for your make-up bag as we get older too. When we get older, over time small lines may start to appear around the lips and mouth. A lovely red lip is a great way of adding a youthful, bold injection of colour to any look, and can really brighten up your complexion making you look younger, however with poor quality lipsticks, you are in danger of seeing the colour run slightly into those lines, which can be very ageing.

The smudge-proof lipstick by SeneGence® promises to not only keep your lips moisturised and protected from the sun, but the colour is also promises not to, “smear off, rub off, or budge off’ – so nothing to worry about when it comes to those pesky little lines interfering with a perfectly applied bright lip look.

Although originally an American based brand, the ultimate long-lasting lipstick in now available in the UK, and is priced at £22.

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