Look great for less in time for the party season with these easy DIY tips and tricks.

Party season is upon us and with invite after invite dropping through the letterbox (or more likely your Facebook inbox!) it can be pretty pricey looking good at every event.

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But Christmas has come early ladies, as we’ve rounded up some genius store cupboard beauty hacks that only use household essentials rather than expensive products. Score!

woman's face

Wake up tired eyes

Stew two green teabags in hot water for 3 minutes then chill in the fridge. Pop on the eyes for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.

Quick fix hair mask

Olive oil will create a lovely at-home hair saviour. Either apply it onto the ends of your hair, leave and rinse out, or mix one egg yolk with two tablespoons of olive oil and work it into dry hair. Let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Coke bottle lip plumping trick!


Did you know that you can make your lips look larger just by using lipstick and a Diet Coke bottle? Apply your chosen shade all over your lips, then choose a shade in the same colour family, but slightly lighter. Use the bottle lid to mark where the middle third of your lip is – that’s where you need to apply the lighter shade of lippie.

We used shades Rose Tendre (303) + Bois de Rose (302) L’Oreal Colour Riche shades. 

DIY nail art
This trick from babble.com is fantastic! Simply wrap a rubber band around your nail, leaving just the tip exposed. Apply polish to the tip and wait for it to dry before removing the rubber band – it won’t pull up your base color the way stickers can. Et voila – funky nails or a chic French manicure!


Prevent chafing
Everyone knows what this feels like right? Either on a hot  day or before exercising, dust some talcum powder between your thighs to prevent chafing. It will help to eliminate friction when you walk or run so your skin will stay smooth and pain-free, avoiding the risk of sores.

Make your blow-dry last longer

Blow-dries are such a treat so eke out your style for longer with lemon juice. Pour a little on to a cotton ball then lightly dab on to roots to mop up excess oil. Even better your locks will smell zesty fresh!

Thicken your eyelashes
Another use for good old talcum powder. Try dusting your eyelashes with a little powder before you apply mascara. The powder acts as a primer that gives you fuller, longer-looking lashes without the need for falsies.


Revive tired skin
Do you are suffer from blotchy, oily skin? Then mix an egg white face mask. Whip up an egg white until frothy, apply it to your face and let it dry. Repeat and add another layer and leave it on for 15 minutes. Finally rinse with warm water. The amino acids and enzymes found in egg whites will absorb oils and tighten skin, like a mini facelift!

Bring old mascara back to life!
Although you should replace mascara every two months to stop bacteria and germs forming, if you do need to revitalise your old one simply because it’s going dry place the whole mascara – lid on – in a cup of warm water and leave it for 5 minutes. Always check it’s cool before using.

Nourishing hand mask
Mash an avocado and small banana (they’re mineral-rich and full of anti-oxidants) together and pop in some plastic gloves (or sandwich bags) to minimise mess. Not only will it make your hands super soft, but the mixture will nourish your nails and cuticles, too.


Get super soft feet
Olive oil is fantastic for an at-home foot treatment. All you have to do is rub your feet with olive oil, then pop on some bed socks and let the skin-softening oil work its magic overnight.

Whiten your teeth

Get an A-list smile for less with a bit of lemon juice and baking soda. Mix them together and rub over your teeth then rinse. If you do it every day you’ll see whiter teeth in as little as a week.

Banish frizzy hair
Try using coconut oil to reduce frizzy hair. Either make a mix of coconut oil and water, and spray it over your hair, or apply it directly to the ends and brush through. Leave in and go, or rinse out after 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your hair as fine locks may be weighed down.


DIY dry shampoo
Apply some talcum powder with a make-up brush underneath the top layer of hair at your roots to absorb excess oil. If you have dark hair, mix the powder with cocoa powder and for red hair, mix in some cinnamon. Gently brush through to evenly distribute the product evenly and no-one will ever know!

Anti-age your hands
Make a DIY hand scrub and use it once a week to get rid of dry, scaly skin. Mix 1 part Vaseline with 2 parts brown sugar for a gentle yet effective exfoliator that will buff and nourish your hands and nails.

Tweak your tinted moisturiser

If your base isn’t quite right for your skin tone, add a little turmeric to your tinted moisturiser to make it more yellow – great for when you have a tan.