The Princess Diana make-up trend that beauty brand MAC is bringing BACK – can you guess what it is?

The late, great, Princess Diana was nothing if not influential. Her warm acts towards those less fortunate inspired an outpouring of understanding, and her extensive work for charity created a wonderful legacy that her sons keep alive in her memory. And, if it wasn’t her actions that were grabbing the world’s attention, it was her famed sense of style. Diana’s outfit choices always dictated the season’s fashion as the Princess became the ultimate world-class royal trendsetter.

And it seems that the classic, understated Princess Diana make-up look that Di wore with most of her outfits is now inspiring one of the biggest beauty brands around.

princess diana make-up trend - blush

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Terry Barber, the Director of beauty brand MAC make-up, has revealed the beauty inspiration he’s got from the late People’s Princess, in a recent Instagram post.

The make-up artist admitted that one of his latest influences is Diana, thanks to the subtle blush look the late Princess used to wear. Terry then compared Diana’s favoured make-up look to some new looks from his models.

He captioned the photo, “The Shy Di Blush. Iconically Awkward Cheek Flush. It’s nice to go back to some sense of innocence in the middle of all this aggressive power chiselling.”

And fans of his were clearly in favour of the return to the trend made famous by the Princess of Wales.

Commenting on the compilation pic, one fan wrote, “I don’t know how something can look dated and classic at the same time. It’s amazing! Her skin is so gorgeous too. That coy look she gives is just beautiful.”. And another user commented, “Love this”, while a fellow make-up fan stated “Love a good blush.”

Modern contouring…

Terry also critiqued the now popular trend of chiselling and contouring, beloved by social media users, make-up fans and many modern celebrities.

The technique involves applying a darker foundation and a highlighter to different sections of your face. The aim is to create a defined, sharp look. And there’s no doubt that it’s a world away from Diana’s more subtle look.

Kate Middleton’s blush look…

Another royal trendsetter is the Duchess of Cambridge. Everyone wants to steal Kate Middleton’s style, but it seems that Kate is now also borrowing some make-up tips from her late mother-in-law.

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Arguably, the Duchess of Cambridge has already adopted Princess Diana’s flushed look. While Catherine used to sport a bronzier look in the past, since becoming a royal her make-up look has become decidedly more subtle.

In pictures, she’s noticeably taken on a more discreet rosy look with her make-up – and it’s definitely working for her!

In fact, the Duchess’ blusher look has even left fans clamouring to know where she gets her rosy glow from. And luckily, make-up brand Bobbi Brown have let us in on the secret. The brand announced that she and Pippa both used their blusher for Kate’s big day. The Duchess infamously did her own make-up for her wedding day – so Bobbi Brown must have been chuffed that Kate picked their product to give her a rosy glow!

kate middleton

So what is it? Well, none other than their best-selling Rose blush – which you can buy here.

So what are you waiting for? It may well give you the beautifully rosy-cheeked glow you’ve been looking for! Inspired by none other than Diana and Kate, no less…