When you are searching for a new high-tech phone accessory that will improve the quality of your photographs, a humble phone case might not spring to mind straight away.

But Primark’s accessories ranges always seem to go that extra mile. We know they do amazing Disney merchandise, fabulous homeware and who doesn’t love a great designer shoe copy? But now everyone is talking about one particular Primark phone accessory that is said to help you achieve celeb-style flawless selfies – the ‘Illuminating Selfie Case’.

The budget chain has launched their own version of Kim Kardashian West’s LuMee phone case. The light-up accessory is said to be one of the secrets behind Kim’s flawless selfies.

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In good old Primark fashion, its phone accessory is much friendlier on your bank balance than the LuMee equivalent. At just £7.33 you can enjoy picture perfect snaps at a fraction of the price – and could afford to treat your best mate to on one too!

A LuMee case can set you back either £38 or £53.89 depending on which set of LED lights you go for.

Will you be investing?

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Primark released the news on its Instagram page – and got its 4.7 million followers very excited!

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However, shoppers still have to wait until the case hits UK stores. It’s looking likely to be before Christmas but an official release date has not yet been confirmed.

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The ‘Illuminating Selfie Case’ is perfect for when you want to get a picture but the room is too dark. Plus, it’s a lot more flattering than the aggressively bright flash setting.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled for updates from us – and it could be the  secret to those flawless festive pics!