We all know that things like too much sun, or too much sugar, can do serious harm to our skin. But what about your mobile phone?

phones cause wrinkles reese witherspoon

The rumour that phones cause wrinkles is more than just speculation, it’s a genuine concern of the experts, and they were quick to air these fears at the Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition that was held in London in June. 

Dr Simon Zokaie, medical director or the Linia Skin Clinic, said that people who use their phones a lot, “should worry,” about the damage the glare from our phone screens is doing to our skin. The expert explained, “Even the blue light we get from our screens can damage our skin” and he has seen the affects first hand, “I have seen that there is damage and ageing taking place”.

Felicity-Huffman-and-Jennifer-LopezThe medical director went on to say that in the same way the sun can cause us wrinkles because of the harmful UV rays, the radiation from our phones can do the same thing. The bad news is that suncream won’t help protect against the damaging affects from our phones. “It’s a different wavelength of radiation so sunscreen will not block it” he explained.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any beauty products out there right now to specifically counter-act the fact that phones cause wrinkles and other skin damage. So the best way to protect your skin? Spend less time looking at a screen!