Celebrity hair stylist Nicky Clarke tells us how to win in the glamour stakes


The thought of sorting out your hair into something resembling a party look can be daunting. Most celeb styles seem so complicated only a professional could attempt such a look. Or that’s what they would like you to be believe…

The team Nicky Clarke electricals have revealed their tips for getting the best party hair for this festive season. These five looks will work for a variety of hair types and boost even the most simple outfit from blah to wow.

Get red carpet ready, even if you’re only off to the local pub, with our handy guide…

Hollywood Glamour

hollywood glamour, hair, isla fisher

Step 1: If you have hair with curls or a wave, this look is perfect for you. Using your brow as a guide, make a diagonal parting.

Step 2: Take a triangular section half way up the parting and comb across to the top of the brow of the opposite eye, this is your fringe section.

Step 3: For these gorgeous curls you will need classic rollers. For the fringe section: bring hair out at 90° from the forehead and wrap the hair around the roller ensuring its flat, then keep on wrapping to the ends. Use the clips to hold in place. Leave for at least 15 minutes.

Step 4: Gently remove the rollers, mist with hairspray and gently comb through.

Chic Low-Pony

rosie huntington-whitely, hair

Step 1: Make a middle or side parting and blow dry your hair in sections using a hairdryer and large round brush to add volume.

Step 2: When all the hair is dry, back comb the top section of the hair to create added volume.

Step 3: Gather the hair into the nape of your neck and secure with a hairband. If your hair is fine, look for a sleek hair piece to add into your pony.

Step 4: Smooth some serum down the ponytail and fix with shine-boosting hairspray to keep in place.

Voluminous Bob


Step 1: This look is great for fine, limp locks. Tip your head forward and blast with your hairdryer until hair is 80% dry.

Step 2: Create sections with clips and use the Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Hot Air Styler (£25) to finish drying each section.

Step 3: Pull the Styler up and turn under whilst drying to create volume. Switch directions and sides to get J-Law’s messy look.

Step 4: Spritz with hairspray for extra oomph.

Tousled Waves

blake lively hair

Step 1: Create an off balance centre parting. Section hair, starting at the face and working backwards. This sort of parting is really good for slimming round faces.

Step 2: Taking each section, comb through and wrap around the Nicky Clarke SuperShine Tong (£20) to ear level.

Step 3: Keep the wand horizontal at all times as this will give the look more width when waving.

Step 4: Leave the waves you have created loose in order to cool down. Once cool, break up the waves using your fingers and fix with hairspray.

Super Sleek


Step 1: Roughly blow dry hair keeping volume at the root by using a large rounded brush.A sleek look like this works on bobs, mid-lengths and longer styles.

Step 2: Section hair into layers and use straighteners from the root to the ends, shaping round the face as you guide through the hair.

Step 3: Fix with hairspray to keep in place throughout the night.