Learn how to transform your oily skin for a shine-free complexion all day long.

Oily skin is a bugbear for a lot of us. Even those of us with normal or combination skin will suffer a ‘too much shine’ moment, a sweaty tube journey, a hot flush, you get the gist. So it’s essential we have a few tools and tricks in our beauty arsenal ready to combat those oily skin moments. Ideally our complexion would be totally shine-free, we’re not saying we wouldn’t appreciate a bit of dewiness, sure, but that can’t cross the line over to shiny! There’s a difference between a gently glow and serious shine.

The oily skin friendly products

You’ll need a moisturiser that tones down shine, a foundation that mattifies. Steer clear of creamy concealers and invest in a loose translucent powder. Blotting papers are an absolute must for oily skin too. When it comes to serums, we all want to pack an anti ageing punch, but a lot of them can leave an oily sheen on the surface of your skin. Either blot your face after using them or choose an essence product that does the same job instead, they feel more like a water to touch and don’t leave a residue, they’ve got a big thumbs up from us!