At first our eyes were drawn to @Larose419's long nails and pretty pink manicure in the photo, but then we noticed something a bit odd...

Spotted it yet? A grand total of three (not four) fingers and one thumb in that manicure photo!

Once you clock that it all gets a little bit creepy. We are 100% distracted from that pristine manicure. We’re betting that when @Larose419 posted that photo on Twitter she didn’t think it would go viral. And yet here we are!

The photo captioned ‘Just got my nails done’ seemed fairly ordinary and innocent at first glance, but Twitter users quickly began to notice the weird finger situation. She is completely missing an index finger! Many assumed at first that she was simply born with with one digit less than most. And then things just got weirder…

The photo

Twitter users started posting pictures of their own hands and manicures, all minus an index. It’s unlikely that this was simply a call to arms of three-fingered hands, more that there was a knack to taking the photograph.

Whilst we can neither confirm nor deny the particular hand situation of @Larose419, the Woman beauty team can vouch for the fact that it is fairly easy (if slightly odd) to take a picture of a normal hand in that same position and give the illusion that an index finger is missing. So there you are. Give it a go yourself if you don’t believe us! Just be gentle on your joints.