We’d like to look as good as make-up free Michelle Keegan all the time please!

None of us can claim to look our best first thing in the morning. Especially on a Monday. It takes all our strength just to roll out of bed and pull a respectable ensemble out of our wardrobe quick enough to arrive into work on time. We’re far from our Friday night best, and the idea of appearing in our bed-head state on live national TV fills us with dread.

So, we can only imagine how Michelle Keegan must have felt this morning. The 29-year-old beauty was up at the crack of dawn for an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to promote her new ITV drama ‘Tina & Bobby’. However, thanks to the London tube strikes the actress was stuck in such bad traffic she almost missed her slot.

After arriving at the studios just in time, Michelle had no choice but to run straight on set. Forgoing the usual time with the TV glam squad to help her get camera-ready, a make-up free Michelle Keegan did the whole interview bare faced – with bed hair and all!

Make-up free Michelle Keegan

Needless to say it didn’t make a difference to the Manchester-born beauty. Michelle still looked absolutely gorgeous – and fans made sure to tell her so!

Tina and Bobby airs on Friday 13 January on ITV. Watch the trailer here…

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Inside Michelle Keegan’s make-up bag!