Kate Middleton’s hair is often at the centre of worldwide scrutiny. Its length, colour, youthful bounce and glossy finish have all been the subject of many an article, but what we really want to know is, what’s her secret?!

Kate Middleton's hair

We’ve already had a peek inside her beauty bag, and mastered the art of the Duchess of Cambridge blow-dry, but the secret to how Kate Middleton’s hair stylist keeps her hair looking so fabulous come rain or shine has evaded us…


…until now! We think we might have uncovered the secret to Kate’s enviable locks – and it’s not what you think!

The secret to the Duchess of Cambridge’s long, thick, glossy mane of hair could be none other than – red wine!


Yes, it appears that Kate’s love of a glass of red could actually be contributing to her lustrous locks, and it could do the same for you!

Red wine contains a component called Resveratrol, which has been noted to help prevent hair loss, meaning a thicker, fuller head of hair like Kate’s could be a glass of vino away.


Celebrity hairstylist John Blaine also promotes the benefits of red wine for your hair, as he puts it in his hair care products! The red wine extract in his products contain polyphenols, which strengthen, detoxify and repair damaged hair. It also removes any brassy tones in your ‘do, and will leave your locks feeling super-soft.

So next time you’re asked when out if you would prefer red or white wine, just think, what would Kate do?