When you think of Kate Middleton, her perfectly quaffed and blow-dryed mane also usually springs to mind.

The Duchess has become famous for her sleek and fabulous hair – and fans are always desperate to know the styling secrets behind it.

So when eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted the simple trick Catherine uses to keep her barnet in place, they were understandably excited.

It’s come to light that the royal regularly uses hair-nets to keep her perfectly preened hair-do in place. Who’d have thought it? Kate often turns to the handy hair tool when she’s putting her hair in a bun. Be it for a royal trip abroad, or a visit to Royal Ascot – the item ensures she never have a hair out of place.

If you look closely, it’s easy to spot the affordable hair tool nestled over the Duchess’ bun. We’re loving to old-school approach!

Most hair nets are available for around £1 – with Superdrug selling their own brand hair net for just £1.09.

And in fact, their offering has proven so popular since Kate’s styling secret was revealed – that sales of the item have skyrocketed.

Superdrug reported that sales of their £1.09 hair net have gone up by 40%. It seems customers are keen to get a ‘do as sleek as Kate’s!

The bun nets, much like Catherine’s above, are to be matched with your own hair shade. And it seems the Duchess has matched her shade exactly – as her hair net is practically invisible.

Buy Superdrug hair nets for £1.09, here

Catherine’s handy hair secret comes as her hair-dresser, Amanda Cook Tucker, inadvertently revealed some other tools she uses on the Duchess.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Amanda shared some very affordable tricks of the trade. It looks as though Catherine regularly relies on Charles Worthington’s Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse.

The product is available for just £5.99, and promises to provide ‘body and bounce’. So THAT’S how Kate gets her fabulous bouncy locks!