Find the perfect fragrance to suit your star sign with these signature scents.


If you are on the hunt for the perfect fragrance this season, why not take your star sign into account? We all have a different perfume personality and your astrological alignment could have the answer. We think it’s written in the stars!

Aries should look for green fragrances with hints of moss and citrus to reflect their adventurous side. Taurus? You’re a romantic so look for floral scents with musky accents for a sensual touch. Gemini like to experiment with lots of different scents, but single-floral fragrances bring out their girly side. Cancer your star sign? Go for a more elegant and classic fragrance with hints of honey for a warm and homely scent.

Leos are all about fresher than fresh citrus scents to reflect their creative and fun personalities. Virgo love their vibrant, crisp scents as they are perfectionists through and through. Libras are super sensual so they lean towards more seductive, oriental scents. Scorpios always fall for the luxurious, heady notes; it is the sexiest sign after all! Sagittarius ladies should reach for an energising scent to keep up with their spontaneity. Capricorns are very responsible so like to keep it fresh as a daisy. Aquarians like to be different so may to go for something controversial and Pisces ladies should go for a mix of floral and spice for a magical contrast.

by Becky Mercer.