These helpful hairspray uses will come in handy time and again!



A good old can of Elnett is our haircare hero, helping our locks stay in good shape time and time again.

But did you know that it can actually come in handy for a whole of other things?

No longer just a beauty bag essential for any woman hoping to add volume to her hair or keep her curls in place, the can of hairspray on you dresser can be used to keep your clothes in check or even help fresh flowers last longer.

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Did you know that a spritz of your trusty hairspray could stop that ladder in your tights from getting worse? Or prevent your favourite heels from rubbing your feet during a long day at the office?

We knew it was a handbag essential, but didn’t realise quite how much of a every day hero hairspray is!

A big thank you to the experts at online hair and beauty retailer, who helped find these multiple hairspray uses.

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