Is hair burning, or ‘candle cutting’, the latest beauty craze everyone wants to try?

Curling, straightening, blow-drying – we put our hair under enormous amounts of stress thanks to heat styling, and the condition of our locks pays the ultimate price!

Thin, brittle hairs and split ends are often the result of too much heat on our hair. This is one of the reasons experts often warn against too much heat styling.

But what about an even hotter hair-care technique? What about flame? Well if beauty experts from Brazil and further afield are to be believed, fire could be the future of hair treatments.

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The hot (in more ways than one!) hair treatment is called ‘Velaterapia’. This particular hair burning method originated in Brazil, although similar techniques have been practiced all over the world. It involves taking a candle flame to a twisted section of hair, and then burning off your split ends.

The startling beauty trend may look like a fire hazard and an accident waiting to happen, but beauty insiders and models the world over swear by the unusual technique. Probably down to the fantastic results you can get afterwards! From healthy hair to longer, shinier locks, the technique certainly seems to work.

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The process can take up to three hours, and should only be carried out by trained professionals. It goes without saying – do not try this at home!

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