There’s nothing worse than going to a big event or your hols, then realizing you’ve got a chip!

But, while gel, shellac and acrylic manicures can weaken your nails (and are pretty expensive, too!) Instead, follow our easy manicure hacks for a salon-wothy manicure that lasts and lasts. They’ll change your (nail) life, trust us!

Store your polishes upright

storeImage credit: Kathleen Kamphausen

Keeping your nail polishes upright will keep the polish itself in better condition and prevent it building up around the lid and the dreaded gloop. A top tip is to add a small circular sticker with the colour on top so you can choose your polish easily.

Use a DIY sugar scrub before paining


Mix 1 part Vaseline with 2 parts brown sugar for an easy cuticle scrub that will exfoliate and nourish your nail beds. The secret to polished looking nails is tidy cuticles, so do this as prep each time you paint your nails.

Roll your polish between your hands rather than shaking it

rubImage credit: Kathleen Kamphausen

This will prevent air bubbles

Apply two layers of base coat


This tip is AMAZING for preventing chipping. Paint the first layer of your basecoat polish on the top half portion of your nails only. Then, after your nails have dried, paint a second coat, but this time cover the entire nail. This will protect the ends of your nails, which are far more prone to chipping.

Paint your nails with three thin layers rather than two thick ones


Thicker, gloopy layers of polish are a big no-no and are much harder to get looking neat. Thinner layers will last much longer.

Soak your newly painted nails in icy water

icebowlImage credit: Kathleen Kamphausen

Let them air dry for a few minutes, then hold your breath and dunk in to set the polish.

Spray nails with cooking oil to prevent smudges

oilsprayThis may feel a bit peculiar, but it really works!

Use VapoRub to treat hard skin or infections


Should you snag a nail, develop some hard skin or an infection on your nails, use VapoRub to calm and soothe. The ingredient thymol works on bacterial and yeast infections of the nail plate.

Apply cuticle oil religiously


The more moisturised and nourished your nails are, the less likely they are to break and chip, so get that cuticle oil on every morning and night! Make it part of your daily routine, as you would brushing your teeth or applying moisturiser, and you’ll soon notice the difference!