Messy orange sheets will now be a thing of the past with this super handy tanning hack that you need to get for your next self-tan session.

This summer hasn’t exactly been blazing sunshine so far, so we’re going to need a little help to make sure we’re looking bronzed and glowing.

However, there’s a classic problem when it comes to applying fake tan that anyone who has used self tan products will be all too familiar with.

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You’ve spent ages applying the perfect layer of product to get the summery glow ready for your next holiday or a warm day spent outside.

But while you’re waiting for your fake tan to develop, you lie down on your bed on some towels, leaving not only a massive mess, but possibly uneven tan too.

And tan residue can be left on your sheets for days after application. What’s worse, tan can come off quicker in the heat and if you’ve been swimming and using suntan oil.

How to fake tan without messing up the sheets

Luckily, there is a super-helpful product to save yourself from patchy tan and messy bedlinen both at home or in a hotel.

Tannco have developed special tan sheets which you can slip into after applying fake tan.The sheets feel smooth and silky, so are not only comfortable, but will protect the evenness of your glow.

The product is also super helpful on holiday and comes in a travel pouch to avoid paying any charges for tan stained hotel sheets while you’re away.

The sheets are made with luxurious habutai art silk, and feature a built-in pillow protector for comfort. They are also machine washable and quick drying.

You can buy the sheets in either back or silver, and can be purchased from the Tannco website here for £31.99 each.

No longer will you wake up in the morning with patchy tan and the prospect of washing your sheets again in the evening.

Just stick your tan sheet in the washing machine and rock your perfect fake tan looking like you’ve spent the whole summer in Ibiza.