Hold tight, because we may have discovered the secret behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s glowing skin and youthful complexion once and for all – and no, it’s not weekly expensive facials or a world class make-up artist on speed dial.

While we can’t deny that the Duchess definitely does receive the royal treatment when it comes to getting camera ready, with her stylist and hairdresser on hand to ensure she looks picture perfect, Catherine’s secret to achieving glowing skin and an even, youthful complexion is a lot less high maintenance – and something we can all get our hands on.

Credited as one of Catherine’s favourite beauty products, Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil is reportedly responsible for keeping Kate’s skin looking healthy and slowing down the subtle signs of ageing.

Full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that hydrate the skin, as well as vitamin C and collagen that help support the elasticity of the skin and maintain that youthful ‘dewy’ glow, just applying a few drops of the oil morning and night everyday is enough to reap the benefits.

And the best bit? The Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to oil is available to buy for just £19.99! Plus, at the moment, Holland and Barrett are running an offer that means you can buy one and get another half price, meaning you can stock up on enough skin rejuvenating Rosehip Oil to last you through the summer and well into the winter months too.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite beauty buy is already proving popular with those in-the-know, with a bottle of Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil selling every 20 seconds. So you’ll have to move fast if you fancy trying Catherine’s skin secret yourself.

Hannah Moffitt, Holland & Barrett Nutritionist, explained to us further why Rosehip Oil is so popular with the royals and beauty insiders worldwide:

“Rosehip oil has proved extremely popular with our customers due to its abundance of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which may help to hydrate dry skin. The oil is also high in vitamin C, which is needed to produce collagen, a naturally occurring protein found in the body which can help support the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.”

As well as Rosehip oil benefits for skincare, Hannah also explains the other uses of this multi-wonder beauty buy: “Our customers often choose oils as part of their skincare routine as they tend to be non-greasy and light, absorbing into skin rapidly to provide optimum moisture.  This means they’re great for multiple uses, from a deep hydrating treat last thing at night, to keeping your skin’s moisture levels topped up on-the-go. Our next big trend prediction after Rosehip Oil is African Oils, known for their nourishing benefits. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil moisturises without leaving the skin or hair feeling oily and it contains comparative levels of omegas as Primrose Oil, which may help the skin to produce new cells.”

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