The truth: Lauren said: ‘While I do enjoy a dip in the sea on my hols, I wasn’t all too sure about bringing the whole of the ocean floor into my bathtub. In the VOYA box you’ll find a bundle of dried-out, wild seaweed and a sachet of detoxifying bath salts. Pour everything into boiling hot water so that the ingredients will expand and release their soothing and healing properties, then add cold water until the bath is at your desired temperature. Getting into the tub itself was daunting. Giving off a rather pungent odor, slimy seaweed is not the most attractive bath time addition. While I’m sure that VOYA’s ‘magic seaweed’ is full to the brim of restorative and detoxifying properties, I still needed to have a long shower after my marine-inspired bath, which rather defeats the object!’