From the super speedy 30-second fake tan to the bath salts that slim, these amazing beauty products sound too good to be true! But are they? We put them to the test… 

We all know the celebs have a helping hand when it comes to looking preened, primped and polished, but not all of us can afford lavish A-list treatments with an equally lavish price tag. The good news is there ARE cheaper alternatives out there, but do they deliver the same results?

The test

We decided to put the beauty products and salon treatments with big claims to the test and found that, actually, some of them really do work! Hoorah!

From a detoxifying seaweed bath and laser hair removal to the at-home teeth whitening treatment you have to try, these are the beauty buys that claim to change the way you look. We promise to give our very honest opinion of whether they actually work or not.

Do you have a wonder product you love? Or something you have tried that promised great results but just didn’t deliver? We would love to hear from you and feature it! Let us know by sending us a message or writing on our Facebook page.